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Fourth Of July
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Source: Games For All Occasions
Category: HALLOW-E'EN

1. The dragon consists of half a pint of ignited brandy or alcohol in a
dish. As soon as brandy is aflame, all lights are extinguished, and salt
is freely sprinkled in dish, imparting a corpse-like pallor to every
face. Candied fruits, figs, raisins, sugared almonds, etc., are thrown
in, and guests snap for them with their fingers; person securing most
prizes from flames will meet his true love within the year.

2. Or, slips of paper on which verses are written are wrapped tightly in
tin-foil and placed in dish. Brandy is poured on and ignited. The verse
each person gets is supposed to tell his fortune.

Place burning dish in middle of bare table, for drops of burning spirits
are often splashed about.

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