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"_Quoit_ me down, Bardolph."--_Shakspeare._ The game ...

Washing One's Self
The teacher may repeat the lines, accompanying them with the ...

Number Relay
The pupils of each aisle constitute a team. They are numbered...

The one who plays this trick must have an accomplice. The acc...

Materials required.--As many sheets of paper and pencils as t...

_5 to 60 players._ _Indoors; out of doors; schoolroom._ ...

Who Is My Nextdoor Neighbor?
Half of the company are blindfolded. They are led to a row ...

Tug Of War
(See _Catch and Pull Tug of War_ and _Wand Tug of War_; also ...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

Making scrapbooks is always a pleasant and useful employment, whether
for yourself or for children in hospitals or districts, and there was
never so good an opportunity as now of getting interesting pictures.
These you select from odd numbers of magazines, Christmas numbers,
illustrated papers, and advertisements. Scraps are very useful to fill
up odd corners. In choosing pictures for your own scrapbook it is
better to select only those that you really believe in and can find a
reason for using, than to take everything that seems likely to fit. By
choosing the pictures with this care you make the work more
interesting and the book peculiarly your own. But in making a
scrapbook as a present for some one that you know, you will, of
course, in choosing pictures, try to put yourself in his place and
choose as you think that he would.

Empty scrapbooks can be bought; or you can make one by taking (for a
large one) an old business ledger, which some one whom you know is
certain to be able to give you, or (for a small one) an ordinary old
exercise-book, and then cutting out every other page about half an
inch from the stitching. This is to allow room for the extra thickness
which the pictures will give to the book. Or you can sew sheets of
brown paper together.

For sticking on the pictures, use paste rather than gum; and when it
is done, press the book under quite a light weight, with sheets of
paper between the pages.

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