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Relay Spelling Race

Source: Games And Play For School Morale

This game is particularly interesting if the men and women of the party
compete. For each team a pronouncer is chosen who takes his place
directly to the right of the blackboard immediately in front of his
team, who are standing in file formation, and at a distance of about
fifteen feet from the blackboard.

Each pronouncer is supplied with a list of words previously agreed upon
between themselves, and consisting of words commonly used but
frequently misspelled, as necessary, parallel, embarrass, harass, etc.

At a given signal the first contestant leaves his place in the file,
runs to the board and as the pronouncer announces the first word to
him, proceeds to write it on the board, quickly, but legibly, turns and
runs to the end of the file, tagging as he does so the second player in
his file. The second contestant in turn, runs to the board, writes the
word pronounced to him and in like manner returns to the end of the
file, tagging as he does so the third contestant. No contestant except
the first leaves his place until tagged by the returning contestant.
With ten contestants to a file, count finishing first as equal to two
misspelled words at first, later to one misspelled word. The side
finishing first is thereafter entitled to consider 2 (or 1) misspelled
words as correctly spelled in the final count.

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