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Racing Last Over Etc

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

A popular method of determining who shall be
"It" for a game is for the players to race to a certain point, the
last one to reach it being "It." Or one of a group of players deciding
on a game may say "Last over the fence!" when all climb or vault over
a fence, the last one over being "It." In the gymnasium this method is
sometimes used when the players are grouped in the center of the
floor. Upon hearing the shout "Last over!" they all scatter and jump
over any available piece of apparatus, bars, horse, etc., the last one
to vault being "It."

The Wabanaki Indians use an interesting method, combining counting-out
and racing. The players being gathered in a group, each player puts
out two fingers, resting them on the ground, a stone, or any
convenient place. A counting-out rhyme is then used, one finger being
touched for each accent. A finger is doubled under whenever a verse
ends on it, until only three fingers are left. The owners, whether
they be two or three players, immediately start on a run, the counter
chasing them. The one caught is "It."

Some games have each their own distinctive method of choosing players,
as in Duck on a Rock. These methods are described with the games
wherever they have been obtainable.

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