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Food is a great help toward shortening a long journey. A litt...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

Quoits is a game not played as much as it should be by American boys.
It is easy to arrange, for although there is an outfit sold in the
toy shops, a home-made one is just as good. It consists of a
collection of horseshoes and a stake driven in the ground--certainly
not a difficult apparatus to assemble. The stake should not project
more than an inch above the ground and the players, according to the
grown-up rules, should stand about fifteen yards away from the stake
(which is usually called "the hub"). But for boys the distance from
the hub can be determined by your skill. You may increase it as you
improve with practice. Every player has a certain number of quoits
(horseshoes) and standing at a fixed distance from the hub he tries to
pitch them so that they will go as near as possible to the hub. Some
very good players can cast a quoit so that it falls about the hub.
This is called a "ringer" and counts ten, but it is a rare shot. Every
one pitches his quoits and then all go to the hub and reckon up the
score. The one whose quoits lie nearest to the hub counts one point
for each quoit, but each quoit entitled to count must be nearer the
hub than any of the opponents' quoits. This continues until the score
is complete. People usually play for eleven. This game can be played
with flat stones instead of horseshoes and with any rules that you
choose to make.

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