Stray Syllables.
Prepare long strips of paper on which the guests are reques...

All Up Relay
_10 to 60 or more players._ _Playground; gymnasium; scho...

A similar game is called "Coffee-Pot" or "Tea-Pot." In this c...

Capping Verses.
To while away the time before dinner, or while sitting in t...

"the Midnight Ride"quiet Games
Two teams of equal numbers are chosen and arranged in two lin...

The Topsy-turvy Concert
The performers in this concert, who should be of nearly the s...

Hand Over Head Bean Bag
_10 to 60 players._ _Schoolroom._ This is a relay pas...

Bean Bag Ring Throw
_10 to 60 or more players._ _Playground; seashore; gymna...


Source: The Book Of Sports
Category: GARDENING.

Little gardeners ought to know something of pruning trees. To cut or
prune gooseberry and currant-trees is very simple. Gooseberry-trees
should be cut differently from currant-trees. In gooseberry-trees, much
of the fruit grows on wood of the last year's growth, but on
currant-trees, the fruit is, for the most part, found near the knob or
joint between the old wood and the new. To prune gooseberry trees, all
the old dead wood should be cut out, and every branch that trails on the
ground should be cut away, all branches in the centre of the tree that
intersect each other, and all ugly branches, should be removed,--all
suckers should be taken from the root, and the stem of the tree left
straight and free to about ten or twelve inches from the ground, and the
tree trained to throw its branches into the kind of form in the margin.
The branches should then be cut, i. e., about half of the white or new
wood should be cut _cleanly_ off with a sharp knife, and the cuttings
carefully gathered up.

In cutting currant-trees, nearly all the white wood should be cut away,
leaving only head shoots to some one single or middle shoot of a main
branch. The under-wood, old wood, and irregular and ugly wood, should
also be cut away, as recommended at the cutting of gooseberries. In
pruning or cutting raspberries, the old wood should be cut quite away,
and the stems of the last year shortened about one third.

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