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Pebble Chase

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_5 to 30 or more players._

_Gymnasium; playground; out of doors._

One player, who is the leader, holds a small pebble between the palms
of his hands, while the others stand grouped around him, each with
his hands extended, palm to palm. The leader puts his hands between
the palms of each player, ostensibly to drop therein the pebble which
he holds, as in the game called "Button, button." The player who
receives the pebble is chased by the others, and may only be saved by
returning to the leader and giving the pebble to him. This chase may
begin as soon as the players suspect who has the pebble. Each player
should therefore watch intently the hands and faces of the others to
detect who gets it, and immediately that he suspects one, start to
chase him. It is therefore to the interest of the player who gets the
pebble to conceal that fact until the attention of the group is
distracted from him, when he may slip away and get a good start before
he is detected. He may do this whenever he sees fit, but may not delay
after the leader has passed the last pair of hands. The leader will
help to conceal the fact of who has the pebble by passing his hands
between those of the entire group, even though he should have dropped
the pebble into the hands of one of the first players.

If the pebble holder gets back to the leader and gives him the pebble
before being tagged, he continues with the group. If the pebble holder
is caught before he can get back to the leader, he must pay a forfeit
or change places with the leader, whichever method is decided on
before the game opens.

In a crowded playground it is well to require that the chasers follow
over exactly the same route as the pebble man. Under such conditions,
the game is more successful if limited to ten players to a group.

This game is from the modern Greeks. It is found to bear
transplanting excellently, being full of interest and sport.

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