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Pass And Toss Relay

Source: Games And Play For School Morale
Category: Seventh Grade

This game is suitable for playground, gymnasium or classroom. Equipment
necessary is Bean Bag or ball. Number of players preferably 8 to 10 on
a team. The players stand in two or more even ranks, facing sideways
and numbered consecutively. The players at either end step two paces
forward of the ranks, to the points marked 1 and 10 respectively, as
they are to be in a position to catch the ball tossed by some other

O------ O
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

No. 1 of each team tries to return to his original position first.

Player No. 1 has a bean bag (or ball) and at a signal for starting runs
toward the rear and as he runs tosses the bag to No. 10. The line
immediately moves forward one place, No. 2 stepping into the place
vacated by No. 1. Upon catching the bag, No. 10 takes his place in line
with the rank, and passes the bag to his next neighbor, No. 9. The bag
is then passed rapidly up the line until it is received by No. 3, who
tosses it to No. 2. No. 2 in turn, as soon as he receives the bag,
dashes for the rear, tossing the bag as he goes to the player standing
at 10, who in this case will be No. 1. The line again moves up--No. 3
now stepping out to the place marked 1. The play is continued until No.
1 is back in his original position. The rank getting the bag around to
No. 1 first after he returns to his original position wins the game.
No. 1 should hold the bag up at arm's length as soon as he gets its as
a signal that his rank has completed its play.

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