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Source: The Book Of Sports
Category: GARDENING.

It is of no use whatever to think of getting things to grow without
manure. This is the life and soul of all garden operations. Almost
everything can be converted into manure. The grass from lawns, fallen
leaves, weeds, and all vegetable matter, afford good light manure.
Strong manures are prepared from horse, cow, sheep, and goat dung. The
dung of fowls and rabbits is also most excellent; and where fowls or
rabbits are kept, their dung should be preserved with great care, and
put by itself into a rotting-pit, or into a tank, and kept wet. The
juicy part can then be used as a liquid manure, and will be found of a
highly fertilizing property, and the more solid may be spread over the
land. The best time for putting manure on the land is in dry or frosty
weather, and it should be dug in as soon as spread. It is a very unwise
plan to spread manure on the land and let it lie, as in such cases, much
of the strength of the manure is lost. Young gardeners should be very
careful in preparing and collecting manure, and also when they are
moving it from the pits to the ground, they should take care and not
soil their paths.

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