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Last Man

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 60 players._


This is a schoolroom adaptation of the game usually known as
"Three Deep," or "Third Man." It is one of the most interesting
and popular schoolroom games.

One player is chosen to be runner and another chaser. The remaining
players are seated. The game starts with quite a distance between
runner and chaser. The first object of the game is for the chaser to
tag (touch) the runner. Should he do this, they immediately change
parts, the previous chaser having to flee instantly for safety with
the previous runner, now chaser, after him. The greatest sport of the
game comes in, however, in the way the runner may save himself at any
time from being tagged by the chaser by standing at the rear of any
row of seats and calling "Last man!" As soon as he does this, the one
sitting in the front row of that line of seats becomes liable to
tagging by the chaser, and must instantly get up and run. As soon as
he has left his seat, the entire line moves forward one seat, leaving
a seat at the rear for the "last man." There may be no moving of this
kind, however, until the runners are out of the aisle.

As in all running games in the class room, the seated players must
keep their feet under the desks and out of the aisles.

It will be seen that all of the players must be very alert to watch
the actions of the runner, but especially those sitting in the front
seats, as at any moment one of them may have to become runner. The
last man must never fail to call out the words "Last man!" when he
takes his stand at the rear of a row of seats. He is not considered to
have taken refuge until he does this.

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