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[Illustration: x x x x 13 14 1...

Keeping Poultry

Source: The Book Of Sports

Keeping poultry is an innocent amusement both for boys and girls.
Domesticated animals, unlike the free inhabitants of the country, do not
suffer from the loss of liberty, and when they are well housed, fed, and
attended to, they are as happy in their state of domestication as they
would be in their wild state of liberty; perhaps, more so, and therefore
it is quite right to keep them.

There is something very pleasant in watching the old hen as she sits so
patiently on her nest, and to see the little birds issue from the eggs,
with the proud but careful mother strutting by them, and scratching and
toiling to obtain them food; and nothing is more touching to a sensitive
mind than to behold her at the least chill of air, or overcasting of the
clouds, calling her young brood under her wings for warmth, shelter, and
security. There are many lessons of good to be learned in fowl-keeping.

In proceeding to keep poultry, the young poultry-keeper should first
secure a proper place to keep them in. He ought to be able to build, if
not the whole, a great portion of his poultry-house, which need not be
on a very extensive plan; but there are a certain number of little
requisites belonging to it which ought not to be forgotten.

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