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Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

(Flower Garden)

_5 to 30 or more players._

_Schoolroom; parlor; playground._

This is a quiet game, and makes a pleasant and restful change from
more active games. It may be correlated with geography, history,
literature, and many other subjects.

The players are all seated, with the exception of from four to six,
who stand in a line in front of their fellows, each being given, or
choosing, the name of a color
red, violet, green, etc. The players
who are seated then close their eyes, and those who represent colors
change places in the line. When they are rearranged, those who are
seated open their eyes, and being called upon individually, try to
name the colors in their new arrangement, the game being a test of

IN THE SCHOOLROOM, and for little children, to give more activity the
colors should scatter and run around the room after being named,
halting on a signal. The player who is to name them then runs around
the room to the different ones as they stand scattered in this way,
naming each as he reaches him.

This game may be correlated with any academic
subject in which familiarity with proper names is desired; as

By using the names of generals or statesmen from a
given period instead of the colors.

The names of capital cities, states, rivers, etc.

The names of the works of a given author; of the
authors of a period, or of the characters in a book or play.

Nature study
The names of birds, trees, flowers, or any other
branch of nature study may be used.

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