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Japanese Crab Race

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_2 to 60 or more players._

_Gymnasium; playground._

If there be but few players for this game, it may be played as a
simple race, without the relay feature, as here described. For large
numbers the relay idea will be advisable.

The players are lined up behind a starting line, in from two to five
single files, each containing the same number. Opposite each file, at
a distance of from twenty-five to forty feet, there should be drawn a
circle about three feet in diameter. The game consists in a race run
backward on feet and hands (or "all fours") to the circles. To start,
the first player in each file gets in position, with his heels on the
starting line and his back to the circle for which he is to run; and
all start together at a signal, the player who first reaches his
circle scoring one point for his team. Others follow in turn.

Until one has tried this, it would be difficult to realize how
thoroughly the sense of direction and the power to guide one's
movements are lost while running in such a position. It is one
of the jolliest possible games for the gymnasium.

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