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Bits Of Advice.
Each person is given a slip of paper and pencil. The leade...

Nimble Squirrel
_Any number of players._ _Schoolroom; parlor; playground...

Changing Seat
II In this form of the game the players in the displaced row...

Odd Man's Cap
_10 to 30 or more players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ ...

Another trial of composure. The players choose what positions...

Web Of Fate
Long bright colored strings, of equal length are twined and ...

The Elements
The players sit in a circle, and the game is begun by one of ...

A similar game is called "Coffee-Pot" or "Tea-Pot." In this c...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

Hop-scotch is a great favorite which scarcely needs a description,
although there are various ways of marking the boards. The game is
played by any number of persons, each of whom kicks a small stone from
one part to another of the diagram by hopping about on one foot. The
diagram is drawn on a smooth piece of ground with a pointed stick or
on a pavement with a bit of chalk. The most usual figure is given

To begin, a player puts a pebble or bit of wood into the place marked
1, and then, hopping into it with his right foot, he kicks the counter
outside the diagram. Then hopping out himself, he kicks it (with the
foot on which he is hopping) into the part marked 2. He hops through 1
to 2, kicks the counter out again, and follows it out. This continues
until he has kicked the counter in and out of every space in the
diagram, without stepping on a line, or so casting the counter that
it rests on a line. If this occurs he is put back a space, and it is
the turn of the next player. Each one plays until he has made a fault,
and when it is his turn again, he takes up the game where he left off.
The one who first gets through the required figures is the winner.

There is literally no end to the variations of this game, either in
the diagram used or in the rules. Sometimes when people become very
skilful they play it backward, and sometimes at the end the player is
required to place the pebble on his toe and kick it in the air,
catching it in his hand.

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