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Floor Baseball

Source: School, Church, and Home Games

(_Game invented by T.A. Coates_)

A diagram is marked with chalk on the floor, as per accompanying
diagram. Round wooden disks six inches in diameter, one inch thick at
the centre tapering to a quarter of an inch at the circumference, in
the form of a discus, are used. Rubber quoits may be used instead of
disks, if available.

A player "up to bat" slides disks from a line thirty feet away from the
baseball diamond until he has four balls, three strikes, or has earned
one or more bases. If the disk, upon being slid forward, lies so that
any part of it lies over any line, it constitutes one ball for the
batter. If it should lie in the space marked "Strike", it constitutes a
strike and the batter has one ball and one strike. The next slide, the
disk lies in the space marked "1". This means that he places his disk
on first base and the next player on his side comes to bat. The second
player continues sliding the disks until he has made a base or is put
out. Should he make a base, the player of the first disk is advanced
one base. Should he make more than one base hit, the player on the base
advances as many bases as the batter has made. The side continues at
bat until three men are out. Thereupon, the other team comes to bat.

Should the disk land in "Sacrifice", base hit, home run, or should the
one at bat gain first by four balls, the man or men on base or bases
advance. Any man or men reaching home constitutes a run for that team.
Should the disk land three times within the space marked "Strike"
during the time at bat, the batsman is declared "out".

[Illustration: Floor Baseball]

Two players can play this game as well as nine, each taking as many
slides of the disk as is necessary to reach a base or get out. Then the
other player does the same until the team has three out.

Blocks or stones can indicate the position of players on bases if only
one disk is used in the game.

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