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Drop The Handkerchief
_10 to 30 or more players._ _Indoors; out of doors._ ...

Hop Toads
The players form a circle, hands joined. One toad stands in t...

Moon And Morning Stars
_5 to 20 players._ _Out of doors._ This game is playe...

The Flying Ball
The players stand in a circle facing the center, some distanc...

The outside of the same match-box that was used for the bed w...

_2 players._ _Indoors; out of doors; schoolroom._ One...

Johnny Ride A Pony
_10 to 60 players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ This is ...

Skin The Goat
_6 to 20 or more players._ _Playground; gymnasium._ ...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

Various tricks can be played by means of the electricity in paper.
Ordinary sealing wax, rubbed briskly on a coat-sleeve until it is warm
will attract bits of tissue paper, or any other soft paper. A
variation on jack-straws can be played by means of this trick. Tiny
scraps of tissue paper, each numbered, are piled in the centre of the
table and each player by means of a piece of sealing wax tries to draw
out the greatest number in the shortest time. This is a fascinating
game and arranged impromptu in a very short time. The pieces of paper
need not be of tissue paper, as any very thin paper will do. They
should be about a quarter of an inch wide by an inch long and numbered
up to twenty. They must be removed from the centre pile and put in
piles before the players without touching with the fingers. It will be
found that shaking them off the sealing wax is often harder than
making them stick to it. Of course an effort should be made to secure
those pieces of paper which have the largest numbers on them, as a few
of these count more than many of the others.

Electric dancers are easy to make. Cut little figures out of tissue
paper and lay them on the table. Put on each side of them two books
and lay a sheet of glass over them about an inch and a half above
them. Rub the glass briskly with a flannel cloth and they will jump up
and down.

A rubber comb rubbed with a silk handkerchief will attract small bits
of paper, feathers or wool. Various games and tricks can be devised by
this means, such as "bringing the dead to life," i. e., raising
paper figures to an upright position from a grave made of books, or a

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