Three Deep
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Japanese Tag
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Auctioning Prizes
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Wolf And Sheep
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Vaulting Relay
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This is a good game for boys and girls. It has furnished amus...

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Source: Games For All Occasions
Category: EASTER

Easter Day should be a peaceful, happy day of rejoicing, thanksgiving
and praise to the Giver of all good. Easter is symbolic of a new life,
and a brighter one. It is springtime, the sun shines brightly, and
Nature smiles. She is rejoicing because her dead are coming to life
again. The trees, the grass, the flowers all rise up in the glory of a
new and beautiful life. Chrysalis and egg are not strong enough to keep
back the new life of butterfly and bird which rises skyward to rejoice,
each in its own way.

One of the oldest and most characteristic Easter rites and the most
widely diffused is the use of paschal (Easter or Passover) eggs. They
are usually dyed in various colors and people mutually make presents of
them. There can be little doubt that their use at this season was
originally symbolical of the revivication of nature, the springing forth
of life which in turn is symbolical of the ascension.

In some parts of the country colored eggs are hidden in nests or in
corners, and the children have a great deal of pleasure on Easter
morning hunting for the eggs which, according to German folk-lore, were
brought during the night by the White Rabbit.

Here is an idea for an Easter Luncheon which would be appropriate at
this season.

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