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Puss In The Corner
Each player save one takes a corner. The other, who is the pu...

Art Gallery.
Select copies of famous paintings, those familiar to every ...

Blind Bell
_5 to 100 players._ _Parlor; gymnasium; playground._ ...

Washington's Birthday.
For a party on this day, the room should be decorated with ...

Little Bopeep.
Dress the little girl in whose honor the party is given as ...

Ducks' Eggs
Ducks' eggs, which are rather larger than hens' eggs, and pal...

A subject is given to the company by the "teacher" and those ...

Still Pond, No More Moving.
All the children form a circle, joining hands. One is blin...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes
Category: PETS

Young dogs are almost sure to have distemper, and if a puppy about six
or eight months old is depressed and quiet, and his eyes look
inflamed, you should put him away by himself at once, sew him up in
thick warm flannel, bathe his eyes with cold tea, and attend very
carefully to his diet. It will be difficult to make him eat, but you
must coax him and even pour strong beef-tea or milk down his throat,
for if he does not eat he will have no strength to fight the disease.
Tripe is the best food for him if he will take it, but try everything
to tempt him, and give him as much as he will take. When you take your
patient for a walk (and he will need exercise) do not take him where
he may meet other dogs, for distemper is very infectious. Put an extra
coat over him, wrapping it well round his throat and chest. Distemper
is a fever, and the risk of chill is very great; it means inflammation
of some sort from which the dog being weak is not likely to recover.
It is always best to call in a veterinary surgeon when a dog shows
symptoms of distemper.

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