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Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 30 players._

_House party._

Each player is provided with two slips of paper, and also with another
full sheet of paper and a pencil. On one of the slips he writes a
question. This may be as serious or absurd as fancy dictates. On the
other slip of paper he writes a word, either a common or proper noun.
The slips containing the questions are then collected in a box or hat,
and those containing the nouns in another receptacle. The questions
are thoroughly mixed and passed around, each player drawing one. The
same is done with the nouns.

Each player must then write a verse which shall answer the question
and contain the word that he has drawn, no matter how irrelevant they
may be. A time limit is generally given for this performance, varying
with the facility of the players.

The following may serve as examples. The author recalls a very grave
banker, not suspected of humor, who drew the question, "How long
should you roast a leg of mutton?" The word drawn was "Finger." He

"To roast the mutton, let it linger
Longer than to roast your finger."

Another business man drew the question, "What is the difference
between doughnuts and sponge cake?" The word was "Youth." He wrote

"Sponge cake is delicate and sweet to the taste,
While doughnuts are tough as thunder;
And the youth who partakes of the first in haste
Will tackle the latter with wonder."

The game may be made more difficult by each player writing on a third
slip of paper a verb or an adjective, these to be collected and
redistributed with the nouns and questions.

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