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Consequences Extended

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

The form of "Consequences" above given is the ordinary one and the
simplest. But in certain families the game has been altered and
improved by other clauses. We give the fullest form of "Consequences"
with which we are acquainted. As it stands it is rather too long; but
players may like to add to the fun of the ordinary game by adopting a
few of these additions:--

Adjective for a man.
The man.
What he was wearing.
What he was doing.
Adjective for a woman.
The woman.
What she was wearing.
What she was doing.
The person he would much rather have met.
Where they met.
What he thought.
What he said.
What she thought.
What she said.
What he gave her.
What she did with it.
Where they went.
What they did.
What the consequence was.
What the world said.


The honorable Theodore Roosevelt, who was dressed in a Moire
antique bath-towel and was eating walnuts, met coy Aunt
Priscilla in a Khaki tea-gown playing with her Noah's Ark,
when he would much rather have met Madame Tussaud. They met
at South Hampton. What he thought was, "Here's this woman
again," but he merely said, "That's a very chic costume of
yours." What she thought was, "I wonder if he's seen Peter
Pan," but she only said, "That's wet paint you're leaning
against." He gave her a piercing glance, and she swallowed
it. So they went to prison together and learned to ride the
bicycle, and the consequence was they caught influenza, and
the world said, "It's an ill wind that blows nobody good."

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