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Watch Trick.
It will require two people who know this game to be in the ...

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The Dreamer
If a maid wishes to know whom she is to marry, if a man of we...


Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

A similar game is called "Coffee-Pot" or "Tea-Pot." In this case also
the company think of a word with more than one meaning, but instead of
answering questions about it they make a pretense of introducing it
into their answers by putting the word "coffee-pot" in its place. As
the player who is guessing is at liberty to put any kind of question
he likes it is well to choose a word that will go easily into ordinary
conversation. Let us suppose, for instance, that the word is rain,
reign, rein. The questions and answers may run something like
this:--"Are you feeling pretty well to-day?" "I always feel well when
there is no coffee-pot" (rain). "Have you been reading anything
interesting lately?" "Yes, a very interesting book on the present
coffee-pot" (reign). "I hope your toothache is better." "Thank you, I
hope its coffee-pot will soon be over" (reign). "Did you walk here
this evening?" "No; we came with the assistance of the coffee-pot"
(rein). The guesser is allowed to make three guesses aloud, but after
that he must meditate on the word in silence or put questions to test
his theories. If the word is a verb and a past tense or present tense
has to be used in an answer, the player says "coffee-potted" or

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