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Source: The Book Of Sports

"I will play at _Bowls_ with the sun and moon."--_Byron._

"He who plays _Bowls_ must expect rubbers."--_Bowles._

This is one of the best of games for hot or cold weather, for it is
excellent exercise, and requires skill and judgment. Few requisites are
required for it, but a level lawn, or tolerably level field, is
indispensable, as are the bowls, the Jack, and the players.

In playing bowls, partners may be chosen, if there are many players, or
the game may be played by two persons. When, however, there are three or
four of a side, there is more interest attached to the game. The best
player of my time was the good old schoolmaster, Mr. Fenn, from whom I
obtained all the particulars concerning Bowls.

The bowls used at this game are of wood, loaded with lead, or _biassed_,
as it is called, namely, there is one side thicker than the other, which
is marked, and this may be held either near or away from the thumb as it
may be required to lay the ball. No writer in a book can teach this, as
it depends upon the nature of the ground, and the situation of the balls
already bowled.

Before commencing the game, the first player leads out a small white
ball, called a Jack; he then lays his own balls as near to it as
possible; the players then follow in succession, but no partners follow
each other till the whole balls are delivered, and those who obtain the
nearest points to the Jack score one for each ball.

The number making the game is arbitrary, but eleven is generally fixed
upon. Of course it would be more were there a great number of bowlers.
The sport of the game consists in driving your opponent's ball from the
Jack, and putting your own near it. When one side scores eleven before
their opponents get five, it is called a _lurch_. The players at Bowls
change the Jack from one side of the green to the other after the whole
of each side have bowled once.

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