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Source: Games And Play For School Morale
Category: Seventh Grade

Playground or gymnasium suitable place for this game. Basketball and
Indian clubs are necessary equipment. Number of players 10 to 40. The
ground is divided into two equal fields by a line across the center. At
the rear of each field a row of Indian clubs is set up, there being the
same number of pins as players. Should the number of pins be so great
as to require their being closer than two feet, a second row should be
placed in front of the first so that each club stands opposite a space
in the preceding row of clubs.

The players are divided into two teams, from five to twenty in each
team. The players stand behind their clubs and the dividing line in any
scattered formation. Several balls should be put in play if a large
number are playing.

The object is to knock down the opponents' clubs. Each player acts both
as a guard to protect his clubs, and as a thrower. He may throw
whenever he can secure a ball, there being no order in which players
should throw. Balls may be made to displace the opponents' clubs by
being thrown against the wall behind the clubs so that they will
rebound, knocking the clubs down from the rear. No player is permitted
to cross the center line. The game is most interesting when several
balls are in play at once. For each club overturned the side which
knocked it down scores one. Every club overturned by a player on his
own side spoils one for the opponents. The game is played in time
limits of from one to twenty minutes, the side winning which has the
highest score at the end of that time.

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