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Blowing Eggs

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

For blowing eggs a brass or glass blow-pipe is the proper thing, using
only one hole, which is made at the side with a little drill. But for
your purpose a hole at each end made with a pin is simpler and equally
good. In blowing you must be careful not to hold the egg so tightly in
the fingers that its sides crush in. Before making the holes it is
well to put the egg in a basin of water. If it sinks it is fresh and
can be blown easily; but if it floats it is set--that is to say, the
young bird has begun to form--and blowing will be difficult. In such
cases it is wise, if you are using a blow-pipe, to make a largish hole
and put a little water in and leave the egg to lie for a day or so;
then blowing it will be not much trouble. But if you have no blow-pipe
the best thing to do is to make one good-sized hole in the less
interesting side of the egg, and empty it with a bent pin. Then, when
it is empty, you can put it in the egg box with the broken side
underneath. Country boys often thread birds' eggs on a string which
hangs from the ceiling, but the ordinary way is to put them in
cotton-wool in a box with cardboard compartments. Making this box is a
good country occupation for wet weather.

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