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Blind Man's Buff

Source: What Shall We Do Now?: Five Hundred Games And Pastimes

"Blind Man's Buff" is one of the best, oldest, and simplest of games.
One player is blindfolded, is turned round two or three times to
confuse his ideas as to his position in the room, and is then told to
catch whom he can. If he catches some one, yet cannot tell who it is,
he must go on again as blind man; but if he can tell who it is, that
person is blindfolded instead. Where there is a fireplace, or where
the furniture has sharp corners, it is rather a good thing for some
one not playing to be on the lookout to protect the blind man.
Sometimes there are two blind men, who add to the fun by occasionally
catching each other. But this is rather dangerous. There is also a
game called "Jinglers" where every one is blind except one player with
a bell, whom it is their object to catch. But this is more dangerous

A good variety of "Blind Man's Buff" is the silent one. Directly the
man is blindfolded, and before he begins to seek, all the players take
up positions in corners, on chairs, or wherever they think most
prudent, and there they must stop without making a sound. The task for
the blind man is thus not catching the others, but, on finding them,
deciding upon who they are. As chuckling or giggling is more likely to
tell him than his sense of touch, it is tremendously important to make
no noise if you can help it. Sometimes this game is played (without
any standing on chairs) by a blind man armed with two spoons, with
which he feels the features of those whom he runs against. In this
case it is practically impossible to avoid laughing. The sensation
produced by the bowls of two spoons being passed over the face in the
attempt to recognize its owner is overwhelming.

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