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Blackboard Relay

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_10 to 60 players._


As here explained, this game is adapted to grammar (sentence
construction, and punctuation). It may be made to correlate
with almost any school subject, as explained.

The class is seated with an even number of pupils in each row. A piece
of crayon is given to the last players in each row, all of whom at a
given signal run forward and write on the blackboard at the front of
the room a word suitable to begin a sentence. Upon finishing the word
each player returns at once to his seat, handing the crayon as he does
so to the player next in front of him. This second player at once runs
forward and writes one word after the first one, to which it must bear
a suitable relation. In this way each player in the row adds to the
sentence being written by his own row, the last player being required
to write a word that shall complete the sentence, and to add
punctuation marks.

The points scored are 25 for speed (the first row to finish scoring
the maximum, and the others proportionately in the order of
finishing), 25 for spelling, 25 for writing, and 25 for grammatical
construction, capitals, and punctuation. The row wins which scores the
highest number of points.

The following modes of correlation are suggested for this

Each relay of pupils writes and solves on the
blackboard a problem dictated by the teacher just before the
signal to leave their seats. The line wins which has the
largest number of problems correct. Multiplication tables may
also be written, one step for each pupil.

English grammar or punctuation, as explained previously;
spelling, the teacher announcing the word for each relay as
they leave their seats; authors, each pupil to write the name
of an author belonging to a certain period or country; each
pupil to write the name of some poem, play, story, essay, or
book by an author whose name is given at the outset of the
game; or the names of characters from a given literary work or
author; or the next line or passage from a memorized selection.

The names of mountain ranges, rivers, capital
cities, boundaries, products.

The names (related to a given period if desired) of
famous me
statesmen, military men, writers, artists,
musicians; of battles, discoveries, etc.

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