Poor Pussy
_5 to 20 players._ _Parlor._ The players sit in a cir...

Skyte The Bob
_2 to 10 players._ _Playground; seashore._ _Note...

Provide each player with slips of paper and pencil. The hos...

In this game a player stands blindfolded and another player c...

A game of ball played by two opposing teams of twelve players...

This is a game which people either dislike or like very much....

Pitch Basket.
Select a number of small fruit baskets, all the same size, ...

Circle Chase
The group forms a circle and counts off by 4's. The leader ta...

Automobile Race

Source: Games For The Playground, Home, School And Gymnasium

_20 to 30 players at once._


This schoolroom game is played with most of the class sitting, being a
relay race between alternate rows. The first child in each alternate
row, at a signal from the teacher, leaves his seat on the right side,
runs forward around his seat and then to the rear, completely
encircling his row of seats, until his own is again reached. As soon
as he is seated, the child next behind him encircles the row of seats,
starting to the front on the right side and running to the rear on the
left side. This continues until the last child has encircled the row
and regained his seat. The row wins whose last player is first seated.
The remaining alternate rows then play, and lastly the two winning
rows may compete for the championship.

The interest may be increased by calling the race an international
one, the teacher providing small flags of different nations, or the
children may cut and paint these of paper. The first child in each row
chooses the country he will represent by the selection of a flag at
the beginning of the game. This he places on the rear desk, and it is
held aloft by the last player when he regains his seat, indicating
that his country has come in first, second, etc., in the automobile

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