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An Easter Bonnet Party

Source: Games For All Occasions
Category: EASTER

A very pleasant entertainment to be given about Eastertide is one at
which the all-engrossing head covering of the season is to be

The materials required are simple--two sheets of tissue paper for each
guest, numerous pairs of scissors and silver table knives, and pins
without limit.

The workroom--preferably one provided with a large table--is decorated
with plates of fashionable hats borrowed from a milliner, advertisements
of all sorts displaying bonnets, and half a dozen pattern hats
previously made by the hostess.

Placards announcing "Fashion's Fancies" or "Hints on Headgear" give
substantial advice like the following: "Bald-headed gentlemen are no
longer affecting the pompadour style of hat;" "A simple crown is King
Edward VII.'s favorite headgear at present;" "None but the very fast set
will wear more than fifteen colors in any one bonnet this season."

Each guest is furnished with a roll of two sheets of paper which
harmonize in hue, and is told to make a hat or bonnet in fifteen
minutes. Really surprising results will begin to appear. Some very
lovely creations will be evolved by the tasteful fingers of the
wonderful woman who can stretch a dollar; exceedingly funny dunce and
soldier caps with nodding tassels of paper fringe will be the products
of the big men who can always laugh and give others an occasion for
mirth. Hats with brims and without, crownless and with peaked crowns,
with streamers and with ties, so small that they challenge the
ever-present bow in the hair, and so large as to give cause for another
arrest in a New Orleans theater--all the hat family will be there--and
so will fun.

Did you ever make one? Lay together two squares of tissue of different
colors (white and blue are pretty), gather it--with pins--in a circle,
so as to form a crown, leaving the four corners sticking straight out
for the present. Roll back two corners loosely, so as to give a
pompadour effect for the front, and plait the others so they stand stiff
for high trimming behind. This gives you a foundation. For trimming use
aigrettes--long fringe pinned so tightly as to stand stiff and curled on
its edges with a table knife--and ostrich plumes--short fringe well
curled. Pin on the back a pair of bewitching strings, pat, punch and
pull into shape, and you have a fetching bonnet.

That is only one--an easy one. Numberless forms come when one begins to
invoke them.

When the time has expired, form couples for a cake walk before the
judges and award the prizes. A bunch of Easter lilies, or a clump of
hepaticas or pasque flowers growing in a tiny china bowl is appropriate
for head prize; a hat-pin or a book of nonsense verse for the foot

The following games are also suggested.

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